Release 1.9 29/01/2008 20:04
  • Implement directory diff.
  • Right/Left side readonly (preference)
  • Ask save settings when closing settings-tab.
  • Allow multiple selections in FolderDiffPanel.
  • Rescan action in FolderDiffPanel.
  • Statusbar should have a bar which tells how far the diff is.
  • Exclude filters. (Create preferences and store with jaxb)
  • Ignore whitespace in diff.
  • Use newest swingx library (JTableTree has changed significantly)
  • Click in JTreeTable is forgotten if it is outside length of node-label
  • Save-as, Load buttons in settings panel disappear when frame is made smaller.
Release 1.1.1 21/01/2007 20:58
  • ESCAPE closes the current tab
  • New FileDiff/DirectoryDiff: pack dialog again after choosing a file because the name of the file can be larger than the combobox.
  • Add LGPL license text.
  • BUG 1630226 resolved: Exception when doing compare
  • Use directoryscanner of 'ant' instead of my own. The 'regular expressions' of that scanner are more understandable for us mortal humans.
  • Settings are written to an xml-file with JAXB.
  • Settings 'tabsize' and 'show linenumbers' work now.
  • Small icons on tabs. Align icon to the middle of the height.
  • Add a margin between linenumbers and text.
  • BUG Memoryleak : Configurationlisteners where not removed. (Listeners are in a WeakHashSet now)
  • BUG Memoryleak : Dispose New/Exit dialogs
  • BUG Memoryleak : JColorChooser has a memory leak. Make it static.
  • Default L&F : Plastic look and feel
  • Change GroupableTableHeader to the old version
Release 1.1 07/01/2007 16:55
This is the second release of JMeld.
What's in this release?
New functionality:
  • Innerdiffs (the differences inside a change-delta).
    Are now diffed as words instead as characters. (more human-readable)
  • Show linenumbers in textarea's.
  • Show differences in fileNames (above the editors) in bold.
  • Title of tab can be shorter if both filenames are the same.
  • Initial implementation of directory diff.
  • Click on RevisionBar below a certain point lets JTextArea paint in a strange way.
  • Save file dialog when closing the application with the frame-closebutton.
  • Position on selected line when searching.
Release 1.0 02/01/2007 19:23
This is the first release of JMeld.
JMeld is a visual diff and merge tool which is very much inspired after the fantastic
'meld' (a gnome program) program. It is different in a number of ways:
  • It doesn't have (yet) the many features of meld.
    For now only the filemerge is working (no directorydiff, no subversion/cvs diff)
  • It is written in java and thus platform independent.
  • It is created to be very fast with large documents.
Current features of JMeld:
  • Fast diff/merge of large files.
  • Incremental search.
  • Javahelp.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for fast merging.
  • No menubar!.
  • Diffs updates when editing.
  • Diffs inside diffs!
  • Tabbed interface.
  • License: LGPL
Download this release and tell me if you like it.
You can download the binary (JMeld.jar) and start it with:
(You need at least java5 (jdk1.5))
  java -Xmx200m -jar JMeld.jar [file1] [file2]
Or you can download the sources (JMeld.tgz) and compile and start with:
(You need at least ant-1.6.5)
  java -Xmx200m -jar JMeld.jar [file1] [file2]
The screenshot below was made on ubuntu linux with the swing gtk lookAndFeel: